The most attractive courtyards in Vilnius

Price: 15 € for an adult, 12 € for a senior citizen / child.

The tour price includes the rental of the guide system.

Prices for groups of 10 people or more.

The city of Vilnius grew up at the confluence of two rivers; next to the castle a defensive wall is highlighted in red, and the castle gates are connected to the city.

The city was devastated by wars, epidemics and fires, times and fashions changed the city. Courtyards as living witnesses of the life of different people – open and closed, with wooden galleries, several entrances and exits, abandoned and well-groomed flower beds, shrouded in legends of sad or funny stories, during this excursion they will reveal the secrets of their beauty and tell tales about the everyday life of ordinary residents of Vilnius…

Language: Lithuanian.

Duration: about 2.5 hours.

Meeting point: at the bell tower of the Cathedral.

Number of participants: 5-25 people.

For all ages.

The tour is intended for residents of Vilnius and guests of the capital.

Brief information about the guide. For services in tourism in 2007, the guide was awarded the medal of the State Department of Tourism under the Ministry of Economy.

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