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We use cookies on the website This section explains what cookies are, how they are used, and helps to decide whether to keep or delete cookies while using the website.

What are cookies?
Cookies are files that store data on your computer’s hard drive or browser. They allow us to identify whether you have or have not previously visited our website. We use it in order to provide visitors with the most convenient website browsing. This policy provides detailed information about the cookies we use on this website.

How to delete cookies yourself?
Most browsers are set up to accept cookies automatically, but you can change settings yourself at any time. You should keep in mind that by disabling or deleting cookies you may lose access to many website features that are necessary for the web to function properly.
The instruction on how to delete cookies from your mobile phone you may find in the phone’s user guide.

Additional information about cookies and privacy policy:
What data we collect:
• We collect data provided directly by you. It can be provided on different website pages, contact forms, questionnaires, or by sending an inquiry directly via email. This data includes name, phone number, email address, residential address (when purchases of products are made), device type, browser version, and time of the site visit.

We use cookies for the following purposes:
• To differentiate users of the website;
• To ensure users protection;
• To ensure the performance of the main website functions;
• To remember user’s previous visits on the website;
• To distinguish visitors who have or have not already seen a specific campaign banner, lottery, survey, etc.;
• To control the number of website requests;
• To save your setting for the use in Google Maps;
• To ensure that maps displayed on the website are provided by Google Maps;
• To count users who use maps provided by Google Maps;
• To ensure proper operation of Facebook tools on the website;
• To ensure proper YouTube videos quality on the website;
• To monitor visitor habits, such as the websites they use before visiting this website;
We do not use cookies or other tracking tools to collect data from your computer or to store it on your computer or another device you used to visit this website. Also, we do not use cookies to track your other online activities when you are not on this website.
This website also uses some third-party tools, such as Google Analytics, Google Maps, Facebook, Paysera. These tools may also use cookies through our website.

The full list of cookies types used on the website:
Please note:
• Some cookies (first-party cookies) are set by our website. Other cookies (third-party cookies) are set by other websites, such as Google or Facebook.

• Some cookies are deleted from your computer the moment you close the browser – this type is called session cookies or temporary cookies. Others stay on your computer memory until they expire – this type is called persistent cookies. It can be used to store information between browsing sessions, such as selected settings of a web page or merchandise you have added to the cart during a recent visit to the webpage.
List of cookies types used on this website:
• Session cookies, which are set and active for a website visiting period and until closing the browser;
• Persistent cookies, stored and set on the computer for a certain period and used after repeated visits to the website;
• Third-party cookies, set to ensure proper content display on other websites;
• First-party cookies.

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