We invite you to take a look around the Soviet-era bunker, near the center of Vilnius, Vilnius

Price: 10 euro  for an adult, 7 euro for a pensioner /  children.

Prices for groups from 10 people.

This is one of the few surviving authentic this type of objects in Vilnius. These civil defense shelters were built during the Soviet years to protect the population from radiation, chemical, biological attacks and other weapons of mass destruction. The underground structures were not only isolated from the outside world, but also provided with the necessary equipment for survival.

With the collapse of the USSR, many hiding places disappeared. I would like to offer an extraordinary opportunity to see the conditions that would have existed in the event of a nuclear war. You will be able to try on a chemical protection suit and gas mask, run the air handling units and open an impressive door weighing several hundred kilograms. The hideout is not large, but stands out for its impeccable condition and authenticity, which take us back to the Cold War era.

Language: Lithuanian, English, Russian.

Duration: about 1 hour 15 minutes.

Meeting Place: Bus stop „Lelija“, 45 Panerių st.

Number of participats: From 2 to 24 people. If the group is between 13 and 24 people, the program is extended to 2 hours because the group is divided into two parts. The first part goes to the hideout, the second – plays an orienteering game in the adjacent quarters at the same time, and after an hour the groups switch. Prices for groups.

Price: 10 euro  for an adult, 7 euro for a pensioner /  children.

Prices for groups from 10 people.

Brief information about the guide: In 2015, I founded the institution „Gatvės gyvos“. Since then, I have been creating and leading tours mainly in the residential and industrial districts of Vilnius.

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