Around Šiauliai through four centuries, Šiauliai

Price: 15 euro for an adult, 12 euro for a pensioner or children.

Prices for groups from 10 people.


Do You think that everything in history is consistent, logical, and explained? Then let’s travel around Šiauliai, look for dungeons and old paths and let’s try to predict why the oldest building is the tallest one, and why the only Lithuanian city is located by three lakes rather than by a river.

Language: Lithuanian, Russian.

Duration: about 2 hours.

Meeting Place: „Cockerel“ Clock Square –Vilniaus St./Tilžės St. intersection, near 189 Vilniaus St.

Number of participats: from 1 to 30 people.

For guests over 12 years old.

Additional costs: Tickets to the terrace of the Museum of Photography.

Tastings of XVIII – XIX century dishes are available at the beginning or end of the tour.

Price: 15 euro for an adult, 12 euro for a pensioner or children.

Prices for groups from 10 people.

Brief information about the guide Saulius: I’ve always been interested in history, but I didn’t understand at school how to make money from it. In fact, now I also think learning a history is not a „daily bread“, but the beginning of self-knowledge. Only when history begins to connect with your living environment, the people who live and have lived around you, you begin to not only understand yourself and those around you, but you share that knowledge with other people as well. Let me introduce myself- I am a guide – a part of my city or town, my country or land, state or world. I am someone who feels the multifaceted connection of the past with the present and has the courage to send the vectors of the future publicly, sincerely and cheerfully.

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