The Sapieha Baroque Palace, Vilnius

Price: 15 euro for an adult, 12 euro for a pensioner / children.

Ladies and gentlemen, maybe one day we will walk around the completely restored Sapieha Palace. As for now, I want to offer a chance to see this Palace with all its wounds and unexpected discoveries. I am offering You to hear an incredibly dynamic and film-worthy story about intrigue, love and betrayal. Moweover, while on this tour we will visit the nearby Church of Jesus the Redeemer.

Language: Lithuanian, Russian.

Duration: about 2 hours.

Meeting Place: 13 L. Sapiegos St., Antakalnis district, Vilnius.

Number of participats: from 2 people.

For guests over 14 years old.

Price: 15 euro for an adult, 12 euro for a pensioner /  children.

Prices for groups from 10 people.

Brief information about the guide Donatas: Due to the fact that I graduated from the theater directing studies, whether you like it or not, you will get a mini-performance. Knowledge is important, but the tour must have its own mood.

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