Legends of Vilnius, Vilnius

Price: 8 euro for an adult, 6 euro for a pensioner or children.

Prices for groups from 10 people.

Vilnius is full of legends, miracles, secrets and stories. During the tour, we will try to discover what is inaudible, invisible and unscented, but still could be touched by the hand. Most know the legend of Duke Gediminas hunting and his prophetic dream. If not, book a tour and we will reveal not only this legend, but also:

Where in Vilnius was the Perkūnas temple of pagan built by Duke Šventaragis? What do that temple, 122 marked bricks, Christianity and the knight shield of the Vytis have in common?

Why is St. Casimir portrayed in his painting as three-armed?

What is sorcerer Twardowski and his book famous for?

What did the phrase „pabučiuoti bobą“ mean earlier and where did that „boba“ stand?

Where did the executioner live in Vilnius and what dragon was his neighbor?

and many interesting mysterious and mystical, horror and funny stories and legends involving real historical figures.

Language: English, Belarusian, Russian.

Duration: 2 hours.

Meeting Place: At the Cathedral Bell Tower, Vilnius.

Number of participats: from 2 people

For guests over 8 years old.

Price: 10 euro for an adult, 7 euro for a pensioner or children.

Prices for groups from 10 people.

Brief information about the guide: My name is Anna. I am from Belarus. I have been living and working as a guide in Lithuania for 10 years. I graduated from 2 universities, I am a graduate dancer and a translator (in English). I am interested in performing arts, history, sports and languages. I get along well not only with a group of adult tourists, but also with small explorers of the city.

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